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If You Are Fighting Deportation or Removal . . .
You Need the Strongest Defense Possible

Winning deportation and removal cases is not easy.

Since 9/11 immigration rules have become stricter. Becoming or staying a lawful permanent resident is harder than ever. The reasons you can be deported have increased.

Perhaps the government is trying to deport you because:

  • You entered the United States legally with a visa, but decided not to leave.
  • Your spouse’s application to help you get a green card was rejected.
  • You entered the United States without permission.
  • You have a criminal conviction, perhaps several years ago.

Whatever your immigration situation, this is not the time to give up.

Being Deported Can Have Disastrous Consequences For You And Your Loved Ones

If the government has filed deportation papers against you, you probably feel worried and confused. You do not know what will happen to you.

You risk being torn from your family, your friends, and your community.

You risk losing the country which has now become your home – especially if you arrived as a small child. You risk being sent back to a country where you are now a stranger.

And it could be worse for your spouse and children. They may be forced to follow you. They may be forced to move to a country which they have never seen. They may be forced to move to a country where they do not speak the language or understand the culture.

Fighting Deportation And Removal Is Difficult

Your deportation case will be sent to the Immigration Court. The government will ask the judge to order your removal from the United States.

Avondale Deportation Cases Are Difficult To Win

You will be given a chance to present your case. You will be given a chance to prove why you should be allowed to stay in the United States.

Challenging the government will be tough. Trying to do this on your own is not a good idea.

You Usually Get Just One Chance

A single error can destroy your chances for success. You need to present your case with great carefulness. But you cannot afford to be timid.

For most immigrants facing deportation or removal, the odds are not favorable. You need the strongest deportation defense possible.

From how accurately your paperwork is prepared – to how clearly your witnesses testify – it is difficult to win your deportation case without an experienced immigration trial attorney.

For instance, a special immigration program may have existed for persons from your home country 5-10 years ago. Now the program has expired. Yet, maybe the program can still help you.

Your immigration lawyer should know if that old law can still be used to fight your deportation . . . keep you and your family in the United States . . . and help you win a green card.

The right immigration deportation lawyer can also protect you against bad decisions. If the immigration judge omits important evidence or uses a procedure against you in an unfair way, your removal and deportation defense attorney should be ready to confront these mistakes.

But A Strong Deportation Defense Is Possible and Can Be Successful

Choosing the right immigration trial lawyer for your deportation and removal defense is crucial.

The harder your deportation defense case, the more your immigration trial attorney will need:

  • A comprehensive understanding of various cultures, country conditions, and family histories – to develop evidence demonstrating your unique worthiness to remain in the United States

  • A detailed knowledge of deportation and removal defense cases throughout the United States – to ensure all favorable factors are weighed by the immigration judge

Glendale Deportation Attorney Wins Hard Cases


For over 18 years, the Law Offices of have helped immigrants fight deportation and win permanent residence. We specialize in handling complicated cases.

We have assisted deportation defense clients living not only in Arizona, but also in many other states, including:

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Obviously, we cannot guarantee results.

But as your deportation and removal defense attorneys, we will tenaciously and tirelessly fight for you to remain in the United States – as if you were one of our own family members.

As Your Deportation And Removal Attorneys, We Promise To Help You:

  • Determine if any family, employment, or lesser-known immigration programs – like asylum, VAWA, TPS, and NACARA – can help you earn permanent residency.

  • Confront evidence used by the government which violates your rights to a fair trial and due process.

  • Challenge the impact of arrests and convictions on your privilege to remain in the United States.

  • Calculate the likelihood of successfully seeking cancellation of removal if your permanent resident or U.S. citizen spouses, children, or parents will suffer exceptional and extremely unusual hardship.

  • Defend against deportation and removal by presenting your case with persistence, ingenuity, and compassion.

  • Preserve important issues for your immigration appeals attorney in case you need to file an immigration appeal at the end of your deportation and removal trial.

Mesa Deportation Lawyer Helps Immigrants

When you’re facing deportation or removal, you need the strongest defense possible . . .