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Knowledge is power – especially when it comes to immigration law.

Our resources are compiled to help immigrants and their families better understand immigration laws, rules, procedures – and immigration policies, politics, and news.

Our goal is to provide resources you need to succeed.

Please feel free to download any of the materials listed below.

Deportation Without Due Process, Jennifer Lee Koh, Jayashri Srikantiah, and Karen Tumlin, September 2011.

Immigration Enforcement Off Target: Minor Offenses With Major Consequences, American Immigration Lawyers Association, August 2011

Briefing Guide To Secure Communities, Center For Constitutional Rights and Cardozo School of Law, July 2011.

Exercising Prosecutorial Discretion Consistent With The Civil Immigration Enforcement Priorities Of The Agency For The Apprehension, Detention, And Removal Of Aliens, John Morton, Director Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement, June 2011

Prosecutorial Discretion: Certain Victims, Witnesses, And Plaintiffs, John Morton, Director Of Immigration And Customs Enforcement, June 2011

Education Not Deportation: A Guide For Undocumented Youth In Removal Proceedings, Asian Law Caucus, Educators For Fair Consideration,, and National Immigrant Youth Alliance, June 2011

Phoenix Immigration Attorney Research Center.

Secure Communities 101: What You Need To Know, Deportation Nation.Org, May 2011

ABA Statement on Improving Efficiency And Ensuring Justice In The Immigration System, Karen Grisez, American Bar Association, May 2011

EOIR Statement on Improving Efficiency And Ensuring Justice In The Immigration Court System, Juan Osuna, Acting Director, Executive Office For Immigration Review, May 2011

Ethics And Professionalism Guide For Immigration Judges, Executive Office For Immigration Review, April 2011

Guide To Establishing The Asylum Eliglibility Of Victims Of Human Trafficking And Forced Marriage, The World Organization For Human Rights USA, March 2011

Unauthorized Immigrant Population: National And State Trends, 2010, Pew Research Center, February 2011

Executive Office Of Immigration Review FY 2010 Statistical Yearbook, U.S. Department Of Justice, January 2011

Immigration In The United States: Detention And Due Process, Inter-American Commission On Human Rights, December 2010

Dispelling DREAM Act Myths, Immigration Policy Center, November 2010

Q&A Guide To Arizona SB 1070: What You Need To Know, Immigration Policy Center, June 2010

Your Rights: What You Need About Arizona SB 1070, Arizona ACLU, May 2010

Deportations By Fiscal Year: Bush and Obama Administrations, America’s Voice, May 2010

Five Myths About Immigration, Doris Meissner, Former Immigration and Naturalization Service Commissioner, Washington Post, May 2010

Unauthorized Aliens In The United States, Congressional Research Sevice, April 2010

In The Child’s Best Interest? The Consequences Of Losing A Lawful Immigrant Parent To Deportation, University of California, Berkeley School Of Law and University of California, Davis School Of Law, March 2010

The New Place Of Birth: Profile Of Los Angeles And California Residents In 2010, University Of Southern California, School Of Policy, Planning, And Development, March 2010

Reforming The Immigration Court System: Proposals To Promote Independence, Fairness, Efficiency, And Professionalism In The Adjudication Of Removal Cases, American Bar Association, February 2010

Protecting Assets & Child Custody In The Face Of Deportation, Appleseed Non-Profit Network, May 2010

Top 10 Myths About Immigration, Center For Community Change, December 2009

Affording Discretion To Immigration Judges: A Comparison Of Removal Proceedings In The United States And Canada, Boston College International And Comparative Law Review, November 2009

The Fourteenth Amendment’s Guarantee Of Birthright Citizenship, American Constitutional Society, May 2009

Severing A Lifeline: The Neglect Of Citizen Children In America’s Enforcement Policy, The Urban Institute and Dorsey and Whitney, March 2009

The Undocumented Population Of The United States, Dorsey and Whitney, March 2008

Immigration Court Disparities In Asylum Decisions By Court Location And Country Of Origin, Executive Office Of Immigration Review TRAC Report, 2007

A Legal Guide For ICE Detainees: Petitioning For Relief From Indefinite Detention, American Bar Association, 2006

Immigration Detention And Removal: A Guide For Detainees And Their Families, The Legal Aid Society, October 2004

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