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Immigration Issues Would you or a family member like to live, work, or go to school legally in the United States?
Deportation Issues Do you have a relative stuck in immigration jail? Or a friend facing deportation?
list_arrow_big Are you trying to help someone earn a green card and someday become a U.S. citizen?

Whatever your immigration needs, choosing an immigration attorney is the single most important step you can take to increase the odds of becoming a lawful permanent resident or U.S. citizen.

But choosing an attorney is not easy.

If you’re like many immigrants, you may feel overwhelmed by choices. You’ve seen advertisements for dozens of attorneys, immigration consultants, and all sorts of immigration advisors.

Perhaps you even wonder if you should hire an immigration attorney.

For example:

list_checkbox_big You heard rumors. A friend has told you,”You don’t need a lawyer. Family petitions are easy. Just find someone who has been there to help you with your papers. Just go to a notario or immigration consultant.” You are not sure if you can trust such advice.

list_checkbox_big You were told you have no case. Maybe you have been in immigration jail. Now immigration court hearings are about to start. You feel helpless. You do not know if you should just give up or keep fighting.

list_checkbox_big Your paperwork looks simple. You are planning to marry a citizen from another country while you continue to live in the United States. You want to file for a fiancé visa. Some of the questions seem tricky. You want to avoid hidden traps. You fear making a mistake that kills your chances of being together with your fiance.

All-in-all . . . preparing papers on your own . . . letting a consultant help you . . . or giving up . . . does not feel right. You know errors can lead to immigration fraud problems.

You do not really want to handle your case without an immigration lawyer. But you worry about making the wrong choice.

One thing is clear. You want to do everything possible to try to win. And this is why you need to choose the right immigration attorney for you.

Here are some ways the right attorney can change how you experience the immigration process – and improve your chances of winning your case.

1. Immigration Law Is Complex and Unpredictable

Only a specialist, like an immigration trial attorney or an immigration appeals attorney, keeps track of complicated immigration rules. Rules and procedures can change overnight, almost without warning. A decision on a small point of law in a state 1,000 miles away from where you live, made yesterday, can change the outcome of your case.

Some changes can have a retroactive effect – meaning you can be punished today for actions which took place long ago. Quite possibly, your uncle’s story or your mother-in-law’s example will not help you today.

You need an immigration attorney who will:

list_arrow Guide you competently through the complex immigration law system
list_arrow Evaluate if you qualify for little-known immigration programs
list_arrow Explore the full range of immigration options which may be open to you
list_arrow Assess problems that seem hopeless and yet develop plans to achieve your goals
list_arrow Ensure your actions today do not cut off avenues for future success
list_arrow Refuse to take short cuts which may hurt your case
list_arrow Understand the immigration system inside and out, and know how to work with immigration agents, officials, and judges for your benefit

2. Immigration Law Can Change Human Lives – Forever

Every immigration client is more than a case in a folder. Each application for family immigration benefits, permanent residence, citizenship, or asylum has a connection to human beings seeking to better their lives.

Immigration law is about bringing families together or keeping them from being torn apart.

Your immigration attorney must be able to read beyond the cold facts of a case – and understand the hopes and dreams of the persons involved. Few immigration clients bring perfect documents and almost none have simple histories. Your attorney needs to establish a bond with people from different cultures and life styles, in order to develop evidence necessary to win your case.

3. Immigration Law Is About Advocacy and Commitment

No immigration lawyer can guarantee the outcome of a particular case. Yet, you can be assured a successful result will be achieved only through persistence, ingenuity, and compassion.

Immigration cases can take a long time. Sometimes the paperwork seems as tall as Mount Everest. Your deportation lawyer needs to know when and how to keep fighting. Your lawyer must pay attention to the smallest details. A tiny oversight can ruin your chances of winning.

Your lawyer needs to be your champion – helping you navigate the immigration system.

A case is often won by your immigration lawyer’s commitment. You win because your immigration attorney made the extra telephone call . . . analyzed the unexpected issue . . . took the time to patiently interview important witnesses . . . and carefully prepared your documents.


I’m . Throughout my career, I have specialized in immigration law. Obviously, I cannot guarantee the outcome of a particular case. But I promise I will be a committed, tenacious, and tireless advocate for any client whom I agree to represent.

My awareness of immigration started with my own family. My father came to the United States from the Philippines. My mother, a U.S. citizen, had family roots in Mexico and Spain.

I studied international relations at the University of Southern California and earned my law degree from Harvard Law School. I have helped over 1,000 clients from 70 different nations in their efforts to become responsible, contributing members of the United States.

Whether it’s to seek a green card or permanent residence for you or a family member, earn U.S. citizenship, or fight deportation and removal – your rights will be protected. We will explore your immigration options. We will identify your possible solutions. Once they are identified, we will work steadily towards obtaining the results you need and want.

I promise to provide you and your family with my unbridled compassion to help immigrants, whatever their needs. I promise to use my training and experience as a deportation trial attorney and a deportation appeals attorney to the fullest extent of my abilities.

I have been fortunate to help immigrants living in different parts of Arizona, throughout Maricopa County and the entire Phoenix area, including Mesa, Chandler, Scottsdale, and Tempe.

My law office will furnish you with a supportive environment to discuss, plan, and execute your strategy for immigration success.

My staff members are dedicated professionals. They combine a specialized knowledge of immigration law with a rich compassion for individuals from other countries. All my staff members are either immigrants or children of immigrants.

We believe choosing the right immigration attorney is an investment in your future.

“Lawyers like Carlos Batara are, quite simply, a rarity. He represents everything that is meant by…’quality legal care’. While he is serious and passionate, he carries a soft heart for those he adopts as clients.

When it counts the most, this is the attorney I want on my side. This is the person I want with me when times get tough.”

Jose Cruz

When you and your family need an immigration lawyer who can make a difference . . .